About Us


We - the RUSH Kurierkollektiv - unite individual forces into a collective passion. We are reliable, fast, 100% ecological and sustainable with all our heart!

With us your delivery arrives fast and environmentally friendly at any time! We drive shorter distances, are not stuck in traffic jams and always find a parking space.


We live environmental protection every day in a sportive and useful way.

With us you actively decide for a better, more livable and more sustainable Leipzig.

RUSH is a self-organized bike messenger collective founded in 2017 by experienced and dedicated local bike messenger to provide climate-friendly logistics and better working conditions in the city. We are the first self-organised courier service in Leipzig and offer 100% CO2-neutral express courier services.

RUSH is a young and fast team of enthusiastic riders. We are people who share a passion for cycling and who want to organise their lives, their work and their environment in a self-organised and joint way and thus have a lasting influence on them.


We want to move away from the image of a male bike messenger and live gender equality and our understanding of tolerance.


For us, sustainability is not a label, but an everyday reality. The provision of CO2-neutral logistics in combination with our progressive and socially acceptable work structure are essential components to preserve the natural foundations of life and make them accessible for future generations.

Our understanding of sustainability opposes the classical "sustainability triangle", because we are convinced that only an economy that aims at the needs of its subjects rather then maximum profits and that operates within the given local ecological limits, will enable a good life for everyone now and in the future.


We live sustainability, because with us your delivery will always arrive fast and 100% environmentally friendly!


Would you like to be part of the team?

Unfortunately we are not looking for new messengers at the moment.

In order to be included on the list of applicants, you are still welcome to send us a short message. Women, inter, non-binary, trans and agender persons are given preferential treatment.